Last updated: April 8, 2019



Marinated black olives *$2.99

White bean salad with kale, lemon juice and olive oil *$2.99

Garlic fries with house mayonnaise *$3.99

Mediterranean fries with a spicy saffron harissa aioli *$3.99

Soup of the day **$4.99

Truffle and parmesan cheese fries *$4.99

Sweet potato fries with a curry and honey dip *$4.99

House made chicken liver pate with baby pickles, arugula, red onion chutney$6.99

French salami with cornichons *$6.99

Californian goat cheese with organic honey and toasted almonds *$7.99

European cheese of the day *$7.99

Spicy lamb sausage with organic quinoa, mint, raisins, almonds, lemon & honey *$7.99

Imported Italian gorgonzola cheese with truffle glaze$7.99

Caramelized onion soup with imported two gruyere cheeses$9.99

Imported baked brie served with organic wild arugula, walnuts, cranberries in a raspberry and champagne vinaigrette$9.99

Classic escargots imported from Bourgogne, France, baked in garlic butter *$12.99

Wild Boston sea scallops gratinee with caramelized onions & gruyere cheese *$12.99

* Gluten free

** Can be gluten free – check with your server


Large organic mesclun salad with olive oil & apple cider vinegar *$6.99

Classic Caesar salad with anchovies, croutons & parmesan shavings **$9.99

Organic arugula, coucous, parmesan shavings, & balsamic vinaigrette *$10.99

Grilled watermelon, organic arugula, dried cranberries, baby calamari, Californian goat cheeses, pine nuts, honey and lemon vinaigrette *$16.99

Seared yellow fin tuna nicoise with organic greens, organic haricots vert, black olives, anchovies, hard boiled eggs, fingerling potatoes, tomatoes, & olive oil lemon dressing *$16.99

* Gluten free

** Can be gluten free – check with your server


(Add a petite organic mesclun salad to any of the following for $2.99 or a petite Caesar salad for $3.99)

Two imported gruyere cheeses macaroni gratin$10.99

Penne with sautéed garlic, basil shallots, organic baby heirloom tomatoes & olive
oil (full portion/half portion)$15.99/$10.99

Linguini with smoked salmon, organic petite peas, parmesan cheese & cream (full portion/half portion)$16.99/$11.99

Pan seared sole filet with sautéed spinach, onion & garlic, lemon, dill & caper butter *$17.99

Risotto with Portobello, shitake & oyster mushrooms, champagne, cream, garlic & Parmesan cheese *$17.99

Gluten free ravioli of the day *$17.99

Roasted chicken with olive oil, Provence herbs & sea salt, rich au jus, sautéed spinach and roasted new potatoes *$17.99

Lobster & shrimp ravioli with a lobster and champagne reduction, organic broccoli florets and pecans$19.99

Bistro steak (8 oz PRIME New York) with garlic fries, parsley and lemon butter *$21.99

Organic Scottish salmon with a saffron crush red potatoes, red onions, tomatoes
black olives, basil, garlic and olive oil infusion *$21.99

Lamb chops (2 pieces) with creamy polenta, roasted garlic, farmer’s market vegetables, thyme au jus *$22.99

Slow braised beef short ribs with pinot noir, tomato, celery, garlic, onions, vegetables, creamy Yukon mash potatoes * $24.99

Cheese fondue with French baguette (2-4 persons )$24.99

* Gluten free


Lime panna cotta with seasonal fruits compote *$4.99

French style rice pudding *$4.99

Floating island with candied almonds *$5.99

White & dark Belgium chocolate mousse *$5.99

Passion fruit creme Catalane *$5.99

Baked Alaska with rum and raisins$7.99

**Please notify your server of any allergies or dietary restrictions. We will do our best to accommodate.